The Application Process of Lace Front Wigs

Not having lace front wigs in your closet as a wig lover is almost a sin in our world today. The infiltration of lace front wigs into the wig industry gss brought about dominance. Now, every store has more than ten different lace front wigs for sale. These wig types come in different styles, colours and lengths. Therefore, you will find a lace front wig type that will suit you perfectly. Irrespective of your face type, shape, and size, there’s a lace front for you. It is possible that you are unable to identify the best lace front wig for yourself. But with the help of the stylist at the store, you will make the best choice. That is why the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy your lace front wigs from a reputable store.

Buying a lace front wig is not all there is to wear one. You must know how to wear and apply them correctly. The main idea of creating a lace front wig is to have hair that is not obvious. The lace usually comes in a transparent colour that adopts your skin colour. In some cases, it may come in a shade of skin color to synchronize easily. Therefore, when you wear the lace front wig, it seems as though you are wearing it directly from your head. Regardless of how good the manufacturer of the lace front wig can be, the wig will not take a good shape if you do not apply it correctly. Applying the lace front wig is usually an easy process. You only need a lot of patience. All you need to do is focus on the lace and the alignment. You can easily follow these processes;

Ensure your hair is flat

If you want to apply your lace front wigs the right way, you need to ensure flat hair. You do not need to cut your hair before you flatten it. Ensure it is flat before you put on the wig by braiding the hair. All you need to do is divide into sections and keep braiding.

Wear a wig cap

Many people already know this, but you will be surprised at those who do not know about this. Wearing a wig cap is a crucial stage in wearing your wig the right way. Without a wig cap, your hair will protrude forward at one point. Hence, it will mess with the alignment of the wig.

Skin test

Applying a lace front wig may require you to use a wig tape or glue to hold it properly. But before you do that, you need to test for your skin sensitivity to determine the product you can use. After testing the skin, you can use a suitable product.

Wear a wig and align

When you have the wig tape, you have to wear your wig. Try to sit in front of a mirror to align it with your hairline. After aligning, you may see some lace protruding forward. Ensure you carefully trim and cut these lace materials.


After following the steps in this guide, all that remains is the styling. With a lace front wig, you have full liberty to choose whatever style you need.