Stick a Spray Can on a Dog Tactical Vest

So, you’ve got this rad dog tactical vest, and you’re thinking, “Why not level it up with a spray canister?” Great idea! It can be for keeping bugs at bay, calming your pup, or even a bit of self-defense.


Here’s how you make it happen:

Get your gear together

Before you jump into action, make sure you’ve got all your gear ready to roll. You’ll need the dog tactical vest, the spray canister, a holder thingy (which could be a bracket or pouch), and any extra straps or clips you might need.

Pick a spot

Choose a sweet spot on the vest to stick that spray canister. It’s got to be easy for you to reach and not get in your dog’s way when they’re doing their thing. Most folks go for the chest area or the sides.

Lock in the Holder Thingy

If your vest comes with a ready-made pouch or bracket for the spray canister, just follow the instructions to snap it on tight. You want it secure; no wobbling around.

Slot in the Canister

Pop the spray canister into the holder thingy. Depending on what you’ve got, there might be some straps or Velcro to make sure it’s snug as a bug in a rug. You don’t want it jiggling around.

Check the access

Make sure you can reach that canister in a jiffy. Test it out in different scenarios to be sure it’s a breeze to grab.

Tweak Those Straps

If there are extra straps or fasteners to keep that canister in place, make sure they’re snug as a bug too. Your canister should stay put, no matter what you and your pup are up to.

Practice, practice, practice

Now, get your pup in on the action. Let them get comfy with the new addition and make sure it doesn’t cramp their style.

Safety First

If you’re using the spray canister for self-defense or crowd control, you better know how to use it properly. And, of course, follow all the safety rules and legal jazz that goes with it.

Keep an eye on things

Give your setup a once-over now and then. Make sure the canister and all its bits are still locked down tight. And don’t forget to check the spray’s expiration date—switch it out when it’s time.


Follow these steps, and you’ll have your spray canister rockin’ on your dog’s tactical vest like a pro. It’ll amp up your vest’s game and keep your furry friend safe and sound in all sorts of situations. Remember, safety comes first, and practice makes perfect!